Fire Glass

Fire Resistant Glass for Internal and External Use

Full Range of Fire Glass in Stock:

30/0 - 30 minutes Integrity / 0 minutes Insulation
30/30 - 30 minutes Integrity / 30 minutes Insulation
60/0 - 60 minutes Integrity / 0 minutes Insulation
60/30 - 60 minutes Integrity / 30 minutes Insulation
60/60 - 60 minutes Integrity / 60 minutes Insulation

INTEGRITY = Fire Resistance

INSULATION = Heat Resistance

We are the sole agent (ROI) for SCHOTT – PYRAN® S & PYRANOVA®.

PYRAN® S glass is far superior to conventional glasses for use in fire resistant glazing. The secret lies in the material and the manufacturing process used. Together, both guarantee outstanding qualities – in terms of both building physics and appearance.

PYRAN® S fire resistant glass also remains transparent, even when exposed to severe heat. In the event of a fire, this ensures life-saving viewing and makes it much easier to evacuate the building safely. Excellent color rendition and high transmission in the visible and UV light ranges also ensure that safety is achieved without having to compromise in respect to aesthetics. There are plenty of good reasons why PYRAN® S fire resistant glass has successfully proven itself for decades, regardless of whether in airports, hospitals, hotels, industrial buildings, museums, offices, schools, shopping centers, sports facilities or even on passenger ships.

PYRANOVA® also protects against heat in case of fire. With PYRANOVA®, it isn’t the glass that offers protection from a fire, but rather the spaces in between. This compact laminated glass that is made up of multiple panes contains a hidden composition that unfolds layer by layer when a fire breaks out. It not only against fire and smoke, but also keeps out the heat radiation that results.

PYRANOVA® fire resistant glass with heat protection also ensures greater safety when a building needs to be evacuated. The protective shield that PYRANOVA® forms in the event of a fire keeps out the heat. Thanks to this protection, people can now leave the building in a safe and orderly manner. This makes PYRANOVA® glass ideal for use in escape routes and around staircases. In addition, PYRANOVA® fire resistant glass has passed the ball drop, ball throwing and fall safety tests.

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