Antique Mirrors / Antique Glass

Antique Mirrors - Antiqued Mirror Glass

Our Antiqued Mirror Glass is unrivalled within Ireland.

The image and frame of the mirror comes from Overmantels. Link >>>

Not only does it look stunning when used as an overmantel or as wall panelling, but it can also be used to great effect on furniture.

We can customize the mirrors to fit your needs.

Antique Glass - Antiqued Glass in Dublin

Our Antique Glass is of the highest quality.

Victorian glass makers introduced ornate window glass, also known as frosted glass, fancy or obscured glass.
It is made by etching, painting or embossing designs into the surface of the hot glass sheets.
Many heritage buildings across the globe still contain some fine examples of these interesting glass patterns.
The dark and shining parts of the following illustrations represent the clear glass, while the light (grey) area represents the etched surface.